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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for checking out my work! Below, you can find my latest finished murals, and my original paintings for sale.

John Lewis High School Mural

In 2021, my alma mater changed the school name from "Robert E. Lee" to "John R. Lewis" High School. The school sent out a call to find a muralist who could paint something for the official renaming ceremony. During my senior year at the school, I had my paintings on this wall as a student so I knew how important it was to get this job. I did, and what came out of it was historic. It allowed me to get my mural business going as well. This mural is located in Springfield, Virginia.

Sidhu Moosewala Mural in Punjab

This is mural I created this past spring in my hometown village in Punjab. It's about 15 minutes away from the village called "Moosa". It's a tribute to Sidhu Moosewala who was gunned out in May. He was a breakout star and put our city and culture on the map. Every single day I would be painting there, all the locals would come play his songs and tell me the stories of how they first met him. To this day, I listen to his music almost every day.

Singh City- Mural in New Jersey

This is my first mural created for a client in New Jersey. Each letter represents something about the family's culture and interests. The journey was a difficult one because of how far this was so it took many trips to complete but I learned a lot of lessons during this. Most importantly I learned I could create a mural!

Mount Vernon High School

This mural lives in a high school located in Alexandria, Virginia. It was a project driven by the school's pride and culture. Every day students would be in their club or sport uniforms after school, I would ask them to pose and include them in to the mural. All the students shown are real students actually attending the school. "We own the highway" also represents the rivalry between the other schools on richmond highway.

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I work in a variety of subject matter and styles. Below, you will find them separated and can click on each image to see the collection.

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