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Ramandip Singh

Ramandip Singh's primary interest in painting is the subtle and 
powerful emotion of the human form. With the use of Oil paint, he conveys very significant and reflective moments in the lives of people that are close to him. Currently his Punjab works are rooted in his yearly trips to Punjab, his experiences of the land itself, and his on-going relationships to the people that reside there. He was born in India, currently lives in Virginia but finds the duality of his identity to be at the forefront of his art.

Singh graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014 with dual-degrees in Art Education and Communication Arts. He's used those skills to both teach full time art in FCPS and also start his own business selling his work. In the last few years, he's had shows in Washington, D.C, Rome, Italy, and has even held a workshop in Chandigarh, India.

Singh aspires to document the importance of our times and the fleeting daily life of Punjab which once was home.