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New Jersey!

New Jersey!

The last few weeks have been insanely busy and I'm blessed to be handling all these orders and commissions. Before I update all of that, I wanted to update about this weekend.

I had an incredible time over this last weekend traveling. At the New Jersey performing arts center, there was a huge event called "Oneness: a light for humanity" where about 3,000 people attended. There were performances, Hasan Minhaj, and I was even given the opportunity to exhibit my work.  

The journey itself was a 5 hour drive for me with my assistant, Harjen. We arrived at 2:15 am, slept for a few hours, got prepared and had an incredible day. He took amazing photos, I'm not used to having such great documentation and footage of me being at events. Here are some... 

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Cassie - December 21, 2020

I left a comment before this one, however, I forgot to ask something.

Can you please post a new story, you are a great story teller with your art and writing. I’d love to see and hear something recent. As I’m sure it would cheer me up. You have a beautiful way of communicating powerful and meaningful encounters in life. Thanks for sharing.

With love,


Cassie - December 21, 2020

Oh the beauty in receiving help. Harjen did a great job! These photos capture a great day.

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