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Click Here For Prints!


$ 750.00

oil on canvas

18"x 24"

My first piece of the series: "Stories of Light." 

I created this because it's early in the year and there's so many things that could be dragging us down. After conversations with close friends and family about how to have the most optimistic outlook on the year, I've felt...uplifted. 

It's about having people around you to talk through problems and goals with. Sometimes I go through phases of taking on too much weight from my obstacles. I think they're mine alone and that no one can understand.  Once I reach out to a friend, and than another, I come to realize every time that people go through similar experiences and they get through them by talking them out.

Personally, the journey here was very daunting. I tried to take on this idea that I could turn my painting into my whole life and live a fulfilled life while doing it. There are times I've stumbled and struggled with how to do it, but with embracing and sharing with the people around me, I began to remember it's really about who we become in the process and being excited everyday to try again and just make genuine effort. It's also about bringing joy to others, and that joy naturally comes back to yourself as you do that.

I have an incredible support system who believes in me and enlightens my path on how to make this dream come true. First is my girlfriend, who is an eccentric and excited planner, visionary, and manager. She helped me see the big picture and broke it down into do-able chunks for me. 

I also have amazing friends who have been through business experiences themselves, failures, successes, all of it.  Talking to them is incredibly invigorating, it reminds me how failure is the building block to success and how passionate you have to be to even attempt entrepreneurship. You've gotta have a never-ending grit, nothing can stop me-mentality. 

Thank you for viewing. I wish you an uplifting 2022.